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Here is the Stone Age setting from which many stories spring.


Falsehoods abound. What is a mere mistake, and what is meant to mislead?


What life is like.

The Mission

With nothing less than the finest stone tools, you are in pursuit of...












Sister Site
Published on Sat Oct 7 23:59:48 2017 (GMT)

I have been working on a storyline to complement the game. As of a week ago, it is ready!

Please, visit Busting Rocks - Stonigsthwaighte to check it out.

Naturally, the about page is the same, and gives critical information about the setting.

To start at the beginning, which includes a three-part introduction, you can go to this link One Must Begin.

I will resume work here once I have completed crafting (but not posting) the tale there.

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Movement and Encumbrance
Published on Thu Aug 17 19:39:51 2017 (GMT)
Filed under general.

Movement depends on the features of the land, what a character is carrying and stamina.

Land covered in a day
Distance = base movement adjustment for burden + stamina(in km)
Base Movement:
Clear or human trails, 30 km
Animal trails, 20 km
Bushwacking, 10 km

Adjustment for burden
Unencumbered, 0 km
Moderately encumbered, 10 km
Heavily encumbered, 20 km

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Attack and Defense
Published on Tue Aug 15 04:16:36 2017 (GMT)
Filed under formulas.

Attacks fall into three categories: blunt force, slash and puncture.

Blunt Force
Club (or similar weapon): 1-3 + strength penalty/bonus,
Staff: 1-2 (if 2 then recipient is unable to counterattack.
Fist: 1
Then, to determine if the result was a knock-out, a player should roll percentile dice.
For sucker punches or attacks on defenseless victims, the knock-out score is 50. Otherwise,
knock-out score = 100 (attacker's tallied level x 100)
A figure at or above the knock-out score indicates that the recipient of the blow is unconscious.

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Published on Fri Aug 11 14:54:10 2017 (GMT)
Filed under general.

What follows is an inventory of weapons available to characters. Only tribesmen have talents in all of these, though their skill with the staff is not as high as that of traders and guardians.

The primary armament for hunting and battle is the spear. Tribes, particularly slaves, may supplement it with a spear thrower resulting in improved range and penetration.

Some tribesmen wield a battle ax which can cause even more devastating damage.

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Flora, Fauna, and Fantasy
Published on Fri Aug 11 11:50:17 2017 (GMT)
Filed under general.

Most of the lands are forest and overgrown, though animal trails are abundant. Clearings are both natural and man-made, with the latter in use for agriculture of varying scale. Important to note that, for game purposes, arable land is not particularly productive, fertilizer is unknown, and usage of all farmland has led to soil depletion. Because of this, gathering of food from wild plants persists, particularly among clanspeople.

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Published on Wed Aug 9 21:07:43 2017 (GMT)
Filed under general.

Time is a dimension that relates the position of two objects in space. For game purposes time consists of seconds, segments (six seconds), and rounds (sixty seconds).

The primary use of time is to measure periods of combat and of journeys.

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Published on Sun Aug 6 15:37:29 2017 (GMT)
Filed under abilities.

The word charisma comes from the Ancient Greek for favor, grace, and by extension, gift. Here, it means the charm that a character can use to influence others. Charisma has three subcharacteristics: leadership, management, and magnetism.

Leadership is the ability to command followers in a clear, authoritative manner. Through their training and environment, tribesmen naturally gain this attribute as they progress.

Management is the skill to supervise and facilitate the goings on of those engaged in an activity. In this regard, it is critical for tribesmen and very useful for guardians and brigands. Traders are, to a large degree, able to conduct their affairs without oversight, so guardians need not be expert managers. Brigands need a high score in management even to hope to organize their minions.

Magnetism is a combination of the ability to instill loyalty, physical allure, and personal attractiveness. It is the sine qua non of effective, high ranking tribesmen. Only tribesmen have the assurance of building magnetism, though other characters may develop it under unusual circumstances. This subcharacteristic facilitates earning trust in and diminishing bigotry toward a character.

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Published on Sat Aug 5 20:06:40 2017 (GMT)
Filed under abilities.

Wisdom measures the extent to which a character has common sense to an uncommon degree. Characters who draw upon this attribute build its subcharacteristic, intuition.

Intuition is the ability to solve problems with insufficient information. The greater intuition a character has, the better he or she will be able to find both a problem and its solution. (Executing the latter requires acumen.)

The development of intuition demands exposure to exceptional circumstances. For example, a guardian who encounters a nonesuch has a chance to obtain requisite intellectual stimulation.

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Published on Thu Aug 3 20:35:53 2017 (GMT)
Filed under abilities.

Intelligence denotes an aptitude for learning and problem solving. As a character increasingly applies intelligence, he or she gains in its subcharacteristic, acumen.

Acumen involves sharpness of discernment and perception. The greater acumen is, the more a character can think cleverly. It forms a good part of the ability to acquire new knowledge and think creatively. Ergo, acumen is the primary attribute for guardians, and is useful for both traders and tribesmen.

Characters build their acumen by undertaking intellectually challenging tasks. For guardians, these involve both management of goods and attempts at invention. Traders make gains by increasing their knowledge of their metier; tribesmen, by discussing, studying, and planning battle.

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